Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bloomsbury Scarf

Hey, the new knitty is up – and I am so excited to have another pattern published in it. I love the pics my husband took, if I may say so, don’t you?

As you can see, I have not been lazy in the meantime. This scarf is my latest design and the pattern can be purchased from KnitwitchesYarns.

The main body uses an old French lace, unsurpassable for its openness and delicacy. With these qualities it was the perfect match for Knitwitches pure silk yarn, whose softness and lightness are just a pleasure to knit and wear. The pattern itself is not difficult to knit, but requires your attention. I have thought a long time about the edging and finally chose a crochet edging as the crochet pattern takes up the triangles and shell-shape of the pattern and adds additional femininity to the scarf.

The finished scarf with its squares, circles and triangles reminded me of the Bloomsbury group who lived in squares and wrote in circles and produced some of the best novels in English literature.

If you do not want to crochet on the edging, instructions are given for an alternative knit edging. A second alternative instructs you how to make a stole.

Knitting Disaster Week

This past week, I have been in disfavour with the knitting goddesses. I can hardly remember when I last had such a bad week knit-wise.

First, I knitted a pair of mittens for my mother, but the thumb was too big. Well, that was easily mended and only a minor disaster.

Next, I started the Juno Regina scarf. I use some very soft black yarn that I wound into a ball and thought I had wound a four ply, but on the third repeat of chart 3 it turns into a three ply only. Now, that wouldn't have been a problem had I spent last week at home. But I was visiting my mother, relatives and friends down south and so I had to put the scarf aside and wait for my return. I was pretty annoyed, because I am so close to the fast middle part and had hoped to do much more of the scarf last week.

The third project I had taken with me on the trip is a Gryffindor scarf for my son. I thought that one ball of red would be enough for a 7-year old, but have run out of yarn before even reaching the middle!!!

Well, usually, I pack more than enough projects for a trip like this, but this time, I was rather glad, that I had added a ball of sock yarn last minute to my knitting bag. Otherwise, I would have had to buy new yarn just to be able to knit!!!

I hope that next week I'll be favored by the knitting goddesses again as I still have a couple of unfinished Christmas presents in my basket.

Letzte Woche hatte ich eine echte Disasterwoche strickmäßig.

Erst stricke ich ein Paar Handschuhe für meine Mutter, aber die Daumen sind zu groß. Naja, das ging ja noch recht schnell zu beheben.

Dann habe ich den Juno Regina begonnen und dachte ich hätte den Knäuel 4-fädig gewickelt. Aber in der dritten Wiederholung des dritten Rapports ist der Knäuel auf einmal nur noch 3-fädig. Wäre nicht weiter schlimm gewesen, wäre ich zuhause gewesen. Da ich aber im Süden war, um Mama, Familie und Freunde den vorweihnachtlichen Besuch abzustatten, mußte ich den Schal wieder in die Stricktasche packen und das kurz vor dem simplen, schnellen Teil...

Aber ich fahre für gewöhnlich ja immer mit mehr als genug Projekten in Urlaub, so auch diesmal. Dabei hatte ich auch Wolle für einen Gryffindor-Schal für meinen Sohn. Ich dachte ein Knäuel rot, LL 150 m, müßte dafür reichen, aber damit kam ich bei 1r1l Rippe nicht mal bis zur Hälfte!

Zum Glück hatte ich in letzter Sekunde noch ein Knäuel Sockenwolle in die Stricktasche geschmissen, sonst hätte ich glatt Wolle kaufen gehen müssen, wofür ich aber eigentlich keine Zeit hatte.

Ich hoffe sehr, dass die kommende Woche stricktechnisch wieder sehr gut läuft, denn da warten noch einige Weihnachtsgeschenke darauf fertig gestellt zu werden.