Friday, October 1, 2010



Tröste dich, die Stunden eilen,
Und was all dich drücken mag,
Auch die schlimmste kann nicht weilen,
Und es kommt ein andrer Tag.

In dem ew'gen Kommen, Schwinden,
Wie der Schmerz liegt auch das Glück,
Und auch heitre Bilder finden
Ihren Weg zu dir zurück.

Harre, hoffe. Nicht vergebens
zählest du der Stunden Schlag:
Wechsel ist das Los des Lebens,
Und - es kommt ein andrer Tag.

Theodor Fontane

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today, I want to share the work of a friend with you. My friend Jeannette knit this beautiful Ishbel from a skein of the Knitting Goddess's sockyarn. I was so awed by it, that I needed to show you.

Heute möchte ich Euch den wunderschönen Ishbel meiner Freundin zeigen. Dieses Tuch wurde aus The Knitting Goddess sockyarn gefertigt. Ich finde ihn so gelungen, dass ich ihn unbedingt mit Euch teilen mußte.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As I currently lack photos to show, I want to recommend a few novels, I have read over the past few months:

John Irving, A Widow for One Year.

Actually, I listened to the audiobook available from audible. It was excellently read and the story is brilliant. You may know the movie "The Door in the Floor", which however covers only the first part of the novel. I do not want to write in any length about it, read it.

Justine Picardie, Daphne

In this novel, you have three story lines. In one Daphne DuMaurier features who goes through a marital crisis while she works on a biography of Branwell Bronte. In the second, a Mr Symington, who is a Bronte fanatic hording original papers, who was once member of the Bronte society, but fell into disgrace. Du Maurier and Symington exchange letters on Branwell. (This is authentic). In the third story line a PhD student features who does research on DuMaurier and is unhappily married to an elder professor - a "Rebecca-like" relationship. The novel is not very demanding, but entertaining and a very good summer read. As the cover says: "Bookworms will love it."

Tove Jansson, fair play

I had no idea, Tove Jansson wrote adult fiction, too. This is a book full of small biographical sketches written in a very clear, fascinating prose.