Saturday, December 15, 2007


When I saw these on Ulrike's blog, I wanted to knit them, too. However, then, I came across these mitts on Mimknits site and decided to do them instead. The pattern is very cleary written (as most of Miriam's patterns), a quick and easy knit.

This pair is intended for a friend in Canada and I hope she'll like them.

I loved the pattern so much, that I chose to use it for a pair of mittens for my mother. These are knit from the yarn my first SP Kyndra dyed for me. The yarn is so lovely – thanks to you again Kyndra, you are a very talented dyer (it was her first attempt at yarn dyeing!!!).

I kept knitting in the p2k2 rib pattern until the tip of my pinky and then started decreasing as follows: 5 times every second row after that every row. You decrease at the beginning of needle 1 & 3 by k1 and a and on needle 2 and 4 by knitting together the 2 stitches prior to the last stitch on your needle.

The thumb was done in stockinette in rounds until it reached the middle of my thumb nail and then I decreased every row. One thumb was perfect as I worked the decr 1 as instructed by Miriam when picking up stitches for the thumb, the other one was at first to wide as I forgot to do this decrease.

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