Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Magknits has closed down

I have just heard the sad news that magknits has not only seized publication but also seized to virtually exist. Patterns that have been published in the magazine in the past four years are not available for download at present.

As you know, some of my patterns have been published in magknits and I am very sorry that they are not available right now. As the closing-down of magknits has come as a surprise to me, I have to give it a little thinking on how to make my patterns available for everyone again. As usual, I will answer all e-mails concerning my patterns, please, don't hesitate to write.

I have just found out about google cache. You can find my patterns here (no pics, though):

Snicket Socks
Jumpin Gym

Der Tag heute begann mit einem Schock als ich erfuhr, dass magknits aufgehört hat zu existieren. Nicht nur gibt es keine Ausgaben der online-Zeitschrift mehr, auch die Exemplare der letzten 4 Jahre sind nicht länger zugänglich.

Einige meiner Anleitungen wurden bei magknits veröffentlicht und es tut mir sehr leid, dass diese nun nicht mehr erhältlich sind. Da ich von der Entwicklung überrascht wurde, muß ich erst gründlich darüber nachdenken, wie ich die Modelle wieder zugänglich machen möchte. Wie immer beantworte ich alle Fragen zu meinen Strickmustern per e-mail.

Inzwischen habe ich von google cache gehört und tatsächlich sind dort meine Strickmuster noch erhältlich, allerdings ohne Fotos.


Jam said...

Thanks for this. I've been wanting to do your snicket socks for a while, but I've just had so many other things that needed finishing off.

berlinBat said...
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berlinBat said...

Should the google cache be updated (to new unexisting version?), you can also find magknits archived at

sadly without pics (and possible charts), as well. For example the snicket socks (which are very pretty, indeed) can be found at

snicket archive

you can, of course, look for other magknits patterns as well at if you know their original address.

Brigitte said...

Liebe Sabine!
Kannst du die Anleitungen nicht als freie Downloads in Ravelry stellen?
Wäre sonst schade darum.

Liebe Grüße

nova said...

Would it be possible to make the patterns available through Ravelry? I just finished a pair of Snickets (wonderful pattern, by the way!) and many were disappointed that they couldn't access the pattern...

nicole said...

I just finished a pair of your Snicket socks and I LOVED knitting this pattern. If you want to see the results, you can visit my blog here:

Too bad your patterns are no longer available on Magknits. Maybe you'd like to publish them on Raverly?

Kimberly said...

Do you have any idea why they closed down?? I went to find something the other day and couldn't.