Friday, February 8, 2008

Laughing Carrots

Dear readers and knitters,

it is high time that I blog about rows 3 and 4 of the laughing carrots pattern. A few of you have written to me, because they encountered a problem on row 4, i. e. they didn't have enough stitches. While I have answered all those inquiries immediately via e-mail, I regard it now as a good idea to post about the solution.

Here is what solved the problem so far:

On row 3 you'll make a double yarn over. It is important that you work three stitches into this double yarn over on row 4. Here is my suggestion as to how to: knit 1, purl 1, knit 1 through back of loop into the double yarn over and row 4 should be fine.

Please, let me know if you encounter further problems with this pattern. I promise to blog about it sooner next time.

However, this problem had its positive effects! (Maybe I should include a problem in all my patterns ;-)) Rhoda sent me these beautiful pictures of her laughing carrots hats!!!

And of laughing beets. They are so cute, don't you think? I enjoy receiving pics of what knitters make out of my patterns. This is what I thoroughly appreciate about e-mail, blogging and the internet, that we can all combine and share our creative force. Thank you Rhoda for giving me permission to show your hats.

Over on Ravelry you'll find more variations on this pattern, e. g. a sweater in variegated yarn - which probably is more likely to be worn by children than a cardigan. I love cardigans and very often knit cardis even for my kids, who really prefer to wear sweaters. I 'll try to keep this in mind.


Gitte said...
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Gitte said...

Dear SaRi.
I love your laughing carrots cardingan ;-) A future project for my dauter - in orange I think.
Your Tiffany mittens now have a scarf. Look at my blog ;-)