Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the Winner is...

Preparing the draw...


Drawing the winner
... (the white bowl proved too small)

Die Ziehung...(die weiße Schüssel war zu klein)

And the winner is Porpoiseknits who incidentally celebrates her birthday today (Sunday)!

Und gewonnen hat ein Exemplar von The Joy of Sox: Porpoiseknits.
Sie hat zufällig am heutigen Sonntag Geburtstag, da war ihr das Schicksal wohl besonders hold!

Vielen Dank für all die wunderbaren Kommentare und Mails, die ich in der letzten Woche erhalten habe.

Thank you very much for all the lovely comments and mails I received last week. It has been a terrific week.

Ich wünschte, ich hätte noch mehr Exemplare zum Verschenken. Aber es gibt vielleicht noch andere Designerinnen, die ein Buch verschenken. Schaut mal bei Ravelry nach.

I am sorry that I have not more copies to give away, but other designers may do so. Check out their names and blogs on ravelry. Maybe you will be lucky next time.

Für alle anderen hier als ein kleines Trostpflästerchen die Ergebnisse der Umfrage, die Lark durchgeführt hat.
For all those who have not been the lucky ones: here are the result of the sock poll:

Do you wear socks to bed?
A) Yes 49.38%
B) No 50.62%

Do you have a yarn addiction?
A) Yes: big time! 64.32%
B) Maybe, although I'm working on controlling it. 31.95%
C) No--I can quit anytime I want. 3.73%

3. How often do you look at pictures of socks online?
A) 1-3 times per month 14.52%
B) 1-3 times per week 37.34%
C) 1-3 times per day 29.88%
D) More than 3 times a day 18.26%

4. What kind of music do you like to listen to while knitting socks?
A) Rock—It’s perfect for keeping a good pace. 16.96%
B) Classical—I’m classy like that. 9.57%
C) Heavy Metal—The rough stuff is always better. 1.74%
D) Jazz—Perfect for improvisations! 1.30%
E) Country—Laid back makes for smooth knitting. 5.22%
F) Audiobooks—My fingers work best on autopilot. 29.13%
G) Knitting Podcasts—All knitting, all the time. 13.91%
H) None—Silent and devotional! 22.17%

5. Do you prefer playing footsy:
A) Besocked 47.83%
B) Bare-toed 52.17%

6. Be honest, now. How large is your sock stash?
A) One medium-sized rubber storage bin 48.52%
B) Three shelves in my closet 31.65%
C) My stash has its own room! 19.83%

7. What’s your favorite post-sock activity?
A) Posting picks of your creation online 14.64%
B) Getting a hand massage 0.84%
C) Wearing your socks somewhere public 30.13%
D) Starting another pair (of course!) 54.39%

8. How many pairs of hand knit socks do you own?
A) 1–5 29.05%
B) 6–15 39.00%
C) 16–30 21.99%
D) An uncountable mass 9.96%

9. What's your favorite kind of sock yarn?
A) Wool 94.19%
B) Bamboo 3.73%
C) Cotton 1.66%
D) Acrylic 0.41%

10. Which is your most productive sock knitting season?
A) Spring—fresh breezes and pretty flowers are all the inspiration you
need. 9.44%
B) Summer—those lazy days are perfect for sippin' lemonade and
making socks, too. 24.89%
C) Fall—from Labor Day to the holiday rush, there's no better time to
add to your sock pile. 19.74%
D) Winter—you love to cozy up with a pair of needles and yarn. Let it
snow! 45.92%

11. Do you paint your toe nails?
A) Yes 43.28%
B) Why bother, I’m always wearing socks! 56.72%

12. What’s the most you’ve ever paid for sock yarn?
A) less than $10 1.66%
B) $10--$20 24.48%
C) more than $20 73.86%

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porpoise said...

Hooray! Thank you so much Sabine! I can't wait to see the book.